quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

- running;


Run, running all the time.
Running to the future with you right by my side.

Me, I'm the one you chose.
Out of all the people, you wanted me the most.

And I'm so sorry that I've fallen.
Help me up, let's keep on running.
Don't let me fall out of love.

Running, running as fast as we can.
I really hope we make it. Do you think we'll make it?
We're running, keep holding my hand so we don't get separated.

Be the one I need.
Be the one I trust most.
Don't stop inspiring me.

Sometimes it's hard to keep on running.
We work so much to keep it going.
Don't make me want to give up.
(No Doubt)

- mas por que ás vezes parece que eu estou correndo sozinha?
isso dar certo ou não, não depende exclusivamente de mim.
50% para cada, certo? let's make it... ok?

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