quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

- happy birthday my friend;

happy birthday .:¦ [Ŝħ₥Ŏ5 ДḼ3ž] ¦:.
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You think I'd leave your side, baby? You know me better than that.
Think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees? I wouldn't do that.
I'll tell you you're right when you want.
And if only you could see into me.

When you're cold, I'll be there hold you tight to me.
When you're on the outside, baby, and you can't get in,
I will show you, you're so much better than you know.

When you're lost and you're alone and you can't get back again,
I will find you darling and I will bring you home.
And if you want to cry I am here to dry your eyes.

And in no time, you'll be fine.
(By your side - Sade)

Side by side or miles apart, true friends are always close to your heart.
Happy birthday!!! TQB!

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